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Z1W395 - C.A. Laughton Litchfield Minnesota 1904 Fishing line dryer


This is a wonderful piece of fishing history is a pretty rare piece. I have only seen one other. It is a patented silk fishing line dryer. At around the 1900s when a person went fishing they generally used silk line. Silk line soaked up water like a sponge and at the end of the fishing day, one would want to dry the line before storing the equipment away to keep mold & mildew off of the line. the dryer was used to do just that. you would attach your casting or fly reel to one end and tie the end of the line to the spool on the dryer. you would then wind all of the line off of the reel and onto the dryer spool. Then rewind all of the line onto the reel again from the spool. This process would dry the line enough to be stored securely. What a great early invention!!! This dryer is stamped (see pic) on the body of the dryer where the reel is attached. The reel that came with this dryer is an early Pennel "The tournement" Special reel. It comes with the line dryer.

I have not cleaned this early fishing mechanism. It is in the condition with patina as I purchased it. Simply a great unusual early fishing collectible.

It stands approx. 8 inches tall and 13 inches long.



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