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Z1W533 - Circa 1890s Bill Anthony Cigar Tin Store Counter Display


This is probably the rarest Cigar Tin I have ever owned. It is an Artillery Shell shaped Cigar store counter display that is marked on the side: "Bill Anthony Cigar" and on the bottom marked: "Jacob Stohl Jr & Co. NY" In the late 1890s Jacob Stohl & Company Cigar makers from New York put out a line of Cigars called "Bill Anthony" after a US Soldier who survived the explosion on the USS Maine Battleship, supposedly sunk by the Spanish as it sat in Havana Harbor, igniting the Spanish American War.

This Shell shaped Cigar holder sat on a General Store counter with a number of "Bill Anthony" cigars in it for sale. The top is Brass with a few dents from years of use and storage. The bottom part of the Shell is Tin with the original gold paint on the outside and original cardboard humidor lining the inside. This piece is extremely rare and in the best condition I have ever seen. It is museum quality.

It is approx. 7 1/2 inches tall.

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