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Z1W562 - 1930s Buddy L Firetruck & Ladders Original Decals


This fine old toy is a pretty rare find in this condition. It looks as if it was played with and then put up and cared for.

This is a Buddy L, East Moline Illinois, 1930s Firetruck & expanding Ladders. It has chips and marks, but is extrememly nice condition with the original decals showing nicely. It has had one rear fender re-attached or replaced at some point in time, but does not take away from this fine toy. It has original brass working bell and ladders expand and retract, but I believe a gear or something is missing that raises and lowers the ladders. It can be done by hand easily. I believe this is original paint, but there could have been a very carefully second coat applied years ago. I have looked at this Firetruck very carefully and I know that t hese early Buddy L trucks usually sell well above $1000 in any kind of good condition at all and because of the issues mentioned above I have priced it accordingly. I believe if someone purchased this, they could immediately turn it and make money at the right venue.

Overall This is probably the nicest early Buddy L I have ever owned and would make a fine addition to any old toy collection.


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