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PW869 - Circa 1920s/30s "Cheater Attractor" Michigan Fish Decoy


This wonderful Cheater Fish Decoy was found in Michigan. They refer to this rare type of fish decoy a "Cheater" because a hook on either side has been attached so that the decoy is not only a decoy, but a lure to catch fish as well. This is actually a pretty rare type of Fish Decoy and this one is in amazing condition with original tin fins and tail along with an original inset lead weight in the bottom and line tie on top. This Decoy has a second feature that is even rarer than the Cheater Hooks. It has a layer of Aluminum Foil attached to the belly of the decoy to attract fish.

This decoy shows all of the marks and wear of a "Fished" Decoy. It ia approx. 5 5/8 inches long and is Circa 1920s/30s and completely original as used last.


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