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ZPW1013 - Lyle Lane Lacon Illinois River Pintail, L Branded


This beautiful Pintail Duck Decoy was carved by Lyle Lane of Lacon Illinois. Lyle was one of the three Lane family members to carve decoys in the Lacon area. The first was his grandfather Steven Lane, his father Brink Lane and then Lyle. I find that nice Lyle Lane decoy are very rare, especially branded ones. It could be original paint, but I simply do not know. If it is not original the paint is very old.

This particular decoy is in beautiful paint, glass eyes and a repaired bill. It has a large L branded under the chin. (see last picture) It is a gunned over bird and shows marks and wear attributed to a hunted over decoy. It is approx. 14 1/2 inches long and would make a wonderful addition to any collection or decor.


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