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ZPW1387 - Barn Found Genuine Civil war Confederate Bowie Knife


In jest I have stated that for every 50 supposed "Confederate" Civil War Bowie knives I look at; only 1 is original and correct.  I have actively and aggressively studied and sought out Genuine Confedrate bowie knives to research and study for about 40 years. As a Certified Antiques Appraiser, I can state that the genuine Confederate Bowie Knife is probably one of the hardest to find and the most faked of any antique on the market today. When you do find a genuine Confederate Bowie Knife for sale in good condition or better, It is usually has a 4 digit asking price on it. And if it has good documented use history, it is usually 25 to 50% higher than the same genuine knife without the history.

With the above stated, I have listed here a genuine Blacksmith made Confederate Bowie Knife. It came from a family in Idaho whose father purchased it 40 years ago at a Tennessee estate/garage sale. it was listed as being found in a barn. A letter from the Son of the man who purchased it 40 years ago will be included with the knife to the new purchaser. It is in what is known as "Attic" Condition

When the Civil War broke out in 1861, the South had very little in the line of arms manufacturers. Practically all of the arms manufacturers were located in the North. The South had to scramble to purchase guns from England and Europe and then send them through the northern blockade to southern ports to arm its soldiers. The few arms manufacturers that were located on southern Soil were few and far between. Southern Governers gave edicts for all tradesmen, blacksmiths, buggymakers etc... to start making knives for the southern soldiers. Practically every southern soldier carried a long fierce looking knife on his side. I have heard and read of instances where the northern boys would drop their guns and run when the Johnnies pulled their long knives in a charge. Many of these knives were as long as short swords of the day. 

Many Confederate Bowie Knives did not suvive the war and many of those that did were used on the farm or in the kitchen after the war. The South was poor after the war and people did not have the resources to purchase new farm tools and kitchen utencils so weapons were turned into tools and were worn or broke with time.

This particular Blacksmith made Confederate Bowie Knife was made from a buggy spring. As a buggy spring, The hole in the blade was present before the blacksmith shaped it into a knife blade. It has a blade edge on the bottom and then a false edge on top with a ridge above center running from tang to tip. It has a clip point blade and has had the tip broken. I have seen a few other Confederate swords and knives with the tip broken such as this. I was told as a young man that many times as the Southern troops surrendered, the Union would collect the knives and swords and break the tips off before handing them back. This was a sign of surrender and compliance.

I have owned and seen other civil war weapons that have been documented as being found inside walls and attics of houses and barns in the past and this knife definitely has the look of a weapon that was found in a barn. The blade is in just a little better shape than relic condition or one that has been dug. The two piece handle is deterierated with time and is tightly pinned by three iron pins to the knife tang and is solid and not loose. I have seen like iron hand guards on a few Illustrated Confederate bowie knives. All in all a wonderful original, Genuine piece of Confederate Civil War History that would look good in any advanced or starter Civil War Collection.

The entire knife is approx. 14 inches long with just the blade at approx. 9 3/4 inches from broken tip to hand guard. 

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