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PW1541 - 2 Apothacary, Confectionary, Barber porcelain Jars

$175.00 $265.00

I must admit that these two Jars are something I know very little about. I have tried to research them to no avail. I picked these up from a fellow in French Lick Indiana about two months ago and had them sitting on my shelf until I decided to part with them.

Both Jars are a crackled glaze porcelain with cork bottom stoppers. One of the Jars has a few small chips on the bottom rim, but both are in extrodinary condition otherwise. I do not know what language they are labeled, but I am guessing latin? They show good age and are absolutely beautiful and Unique to say the least. I have them both displayed at one of my Antique Mall sites, but guess they are approx. 8 inches tall. 


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