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ZPW1726a - Circa 1920s Sucker fish Decoy Sturgeon attractor 11 1/2 inches long


This wonderful completely original 11 1/2 inch sucker Fish decoy is entirely hand carved with hand cut original metal fins and tail. It has thick original paint and is circa 1920s. It has the origina lead weight in the bottom as well as 3 line ties in front of the top fin. it has carved gill marks and carved out eyes and has wear consitent with a fished 90+ year old fish Decoy. It was attributed to have been found in Wisconsin but the carver is unknown. 

This is without doubt the nicest, oldest most original Sturgeon attractor I have ever owned. This is a one of a kind hand made fish Decoy and would make a fine addition to any collection started to advanced. This is a rare opportunity to own a jewel of the fish decoy world!! A Great Piece of AMERICAN Folk Art!!!


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