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ZPW1855 - 1950s/60s Remington factory 22 Ammo Display Case


This is a rare original 1950s/60s Remington Factory 22 Ammo Display case. These cases were sent to Sportsshops, Hardware Stores, General Stores etc who handled and sold the line of Reminton 22 Kleenbore ammo. These pine Ammo display cases were misused and mistreated and there are not many left in this great condition.

This case has all the marks, bumps and bruises of an ammo case that was used but not abused. It still has the paper label on the back top. (see Pics) This came out of a collection in Pennsylvania.It has a small metal latch in the back that locks the front door securely. This is one of the nicest Original Remington Factory Ammo Display cases I have had the privilege to own and they are getting scarce! 

It is approx. 16 1/8 inches wide X 9 3/4 inches tall.


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