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ZPW1854 - Original Revolutionary War American Soldiers Canteen


There is hardly anything more iconic of a soldier in the Revolutionary War than an American Soldier's wooden canteen. Every soldier had one and there are few remaining today because of the hard use they received. This is an original Revolutionary War American Soldier's Canteen. It is branded S. Kibbe on one side and a portion of a date 17 just above the name. I will include a sheet with 3 S. Kibbe's on record as having fought in the Continental Army. One of these soldiers more than likely carried and owned this canteen.

It had the side with the name cleaned about 100 years ago. I am guessing it was very patinated and the owner wanted to read the name better...It was in a time when people did not know any better and the value of these old canteens were not what they are today!

This rare treasure of the Revolutionary War is in decent condition with the Canteen tight. The wooden bands are loose but complete. It has all of the marks, bumps and bruises one would expect from an approx 248 year old wooden canteen that litterally could have gone through two or more wars. it also has holes in both faces wiere the leather strap would have been attached (see pics) 

Most people did not just put these items up in the closet and forget about them. This canteen was a tool and could have been also used by a relative of the original owner in the War of 1812, Mexican War of the 1840s and possibly by a Confederate relative in the American Civil War of the 1860s. This is a fantastic relic of Americana! It is approx. 9 3/8 inches in Diameter.

Because of the name Branded on the canteen it is priced accordingly. This is a one of a kind traceable - searchable artifact of the American Revolutionary War!!!


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