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PW2010 - WW2 Army Air Force RARE EW016 Survival machete/knife w original Sheath


This is probably the rarest of all Survival blades I have owned. It is an Australian WW2 Made USAAF United States Air Force Survival Machete/Knife with a US designation # EW016.

This Australian made survival Machete was purchased by the US Military in World War 2 and issued to US Air force personel that were flying over Japanese held territories. If the plane was shot down this would have been used to help the suvivors live in the Jungles until rescued. 

This is a very rare piece! It has alluminum handles, a polished blade and brass bolsters in the handle. It is approx 13 inches in length with an 8 3/4 inch blade from the front of the blade to where it goes into the handle.

It has a partial makers mark "East Brothers" on the blade and a partial HM broad arrow marking on the handle. The Sheath has an HB broad arrow marking and also a  "GOLD SEAL 1944 SIDNEY" I have never owned one of these before and took it to a show before I decided to sell it. I was told that the early USAAF machetes were not marked with the USAAF markings the later ones had a USAAF stamp on the handle and all the other markings on this knife are as they should be. The top of the sheath has two straps. Both securing strap and a buckle on a strap on the sheath has dried and broken off. The bottom strap that secured the sheath to the leg is complete. 

A very rare blade that would have been used in some of the most fierce fighting of WW2.

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