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Z2278 - Circa: 1930s depression era Hand Carved Fish Decoy


This great old warhorse Fish Decoy was found in Minnesota and is hand carved 100% original with no alteration. I believe it is Circa: 1930s Great Depression era. This is a classic example of American utilitarian folk art at its best!!

This decoy is in original paint with original tin fins, Unique tail and inset lead weight in the bottom. It has carved gill marks and knife draw marks on the body which give it a very folky look. The eyes are painted. I can just picture and old Spearman sitting in his cabin hand carving this decoy with a pocket knife from a branch he picked up on the shore and using old tin to make the fins & tail, then using it and putting it in his box along with the other hand carved decoys.  

This great piece of American Utilitarian Folk Art has all of the bumps, bruises and look of a fish decoy that was made an estimated 80+ years ago. 


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