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Z2313-18 Circa 1900-1930s Salesman's Samples Bathroom & Kitchen appliances


This is a collection of very rare Iron Salesman's Sample bathroom and kitchen appliances. They came together as a collection and that is the way I would like to sell them. There are six pieces all with the brand name of the day stamped in black ink on the front of each and are marked ARCADE on all including an original ARCADE decal on some of them. I will list the pieces here: 

1. Green pedestal Sink - stamped CRANE & has Original ARCADE decal

2. Beige Double sink - stamped STANDARD & has Original ARCADE decal

3.Green Toilet - stamped CRANE & has Original ARCADE decal 

4. White Ice Box - the stamping has been partially worn but I believe it is CAMBRIA.

5. Beige Stove - stamped QUICK-MEAL missing a hotplate on top.& has Original ARCADE decal

6. Green Tub - Stamped CRANE & has Original ARCADE decal.

These are very old and have wear and paint chips, but to my knowledge, there is nothing broken. The Stove has a missing hot plate near the burner. These were used as counter displays and were picked up and put down by customers some 80+ years ago.


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