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Muddy Water Decoys - http://www.muddywaterdecoys.com/ - Dave & Jeannette Kneebone - Dave and Jeanette offer some great decoys and Sporting Collectibles.


E DECOY - www.edecoy.org - Joe and Donna Tonelli - Joe and Donna are probably two of the most knowledgeable people I know in the decoy world and have a great informative site.


old-decoys.com - www.old-decoys.com - Gary Campbell - Gary has one of the best decoy sites in the world offering some very rare and hard to find Duck, Goose and Fish Decoys and Sporting Collectibles,


Ravens Way Antiques - www.ravenswayantiques.com - Jim and Kathy Twining - Jim and Kathy have a great site offering some great Decoys and Antiques


West Coast Decoys - www.westcoast-decoys.com - Micah Brosnan - Micah has a great site offering some hard to find decoys.

Spencer Tinkham - http://www.tinkhamdecoysandfolkart.com/ - Spencer has a wonderful site offering his Decoy Carvings, Antique Decoy Restoration and Folk Art.  




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