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Muddy Water Decoys - http://www.muddywaterdecoys.com/ - Dave & Jeannette Kneebone - Dave and Jeanette offer some great decoys and Sporting Collectibles.


E DECOY - www.edecoy.org - Joe and Donna Tonelli - Joe and Donna are probably two of the most knowledgeable people I know in the decoy world and have a great informative site.


old-decoys.com - www.old-decoys.com - Gary Campbell - Gary has one of the best decoy sites in the world offering some very rare and hard to find Duck, Goose and Fish Decoys and Sporting Collectibles,


Ravens Way Antiques - www.ravenswayantiques.com - Jim and Kathy Twining - Jim and Kathy have a great site offering some great Decoys and Antiques


West Coast Decoys - www.westcoast-decoys.com - Micah Brosnan - Micah has a great site offering some hard to find decoys.

Spencer Tinkham - http://www.tinkhamdecoysandfolkart.com/ - Spencer has a wonderful site offering his Decoy Carvings, Antique Decoy Restoration and Folk Art.  



Antique Appraisals

Waterman Antiques will soon be offering on line appraisals by David Moore, Internationally Certified Antiques Appraiser. Please watch the site for further updates